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John has a long, proven track record, and can place technologies, companies and products in the right perspective. We recommend him to anyone seeking these qualities to produce high level writing.
Anja D’Hondt, Duomedia
John is one of those great talents you wish there were more of. He has deep, deep background in the publishing industry. With a minimum of explanation, he delivers insightful content on a tight timeframe.
Max Dunn, Silicon Publishing
John is a thoughtful, strategic, and effective communicator. He produces a high-quality product and understands how to pull all the pieces together. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with him.
Rick Mockler, National Head Start Association
I’m Into Ideas (Yours)
You have great ideas. My job is to make them clear, and get them in front of the right audience. If you’re an aspiring nonfiction author, a company or agency with a communications need, or someone looking for sound advice on publishing, technology, research, or content marketing, I can help you.

Just a Few (256) Words About Me

ghostwriting publishingWhen it comes to words, I’m an expert treasure-hunter. (That’s “burglar” to you Tolkien fans.) I listen for your voice, help you capture and clarify your great ideas, and tell your story. As a writer, I cast your voice in written form—from blogs to books, and everything in between.

I have over 20 years’ experience writing nonfiction works. Topics include digital technology, business practices, healthcare, sustainability, and public policy. At times, I’ve written (as a layman) about law and religion. As a former journalist, I know how to uncover broad themes, crucial details, forward-looking goals—and practical steps to reach them. I discover the heart of your story, and express it to the desired audience, using the most appropriate “container.” We’re talking about printed, on the Web, in an eBook or app, interactive video, or maybe a story medium that hasn’t been invented yet.

I’ve always been fascinated with words, and the stories behind them. I also love team collaboration, and helping others reach their goals. In high school, I caught the journalism bug, then attended Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. I’ve been writing ever since, working for publications and technology companies like Adobe. In the 2000s, I was a Senior Editor and then Editorial Director for the leading journal on publishing technology, The Seybold Report.

Over the years, I’ve also become an expert in publishing media, technology, and strategy. I can help you publish your work—whether I’ve written it or not.

I would be honored to help tell your story.