Announcing the First, Digitally-Enhanced “Multi-Book”

Introduction to Graphic Communication, Second Edition

Introduction to Graphic Communication

by Harvey Levenson & John Parsons

In 2007, Cal Poly Professor Harvey Levenson published a definitive book on printing and graphic communication. It was well received and widely adopted by colleges and within the graphics community. After many requests for an updated version, Dr. Levenson teamed up with former Seybold editor John Parsons to create the second edition.

During the planning stage, it became obvious that such a book would be the ideal vehicle for showing how print and digital media could work together, greatly enhancing the learning experience. This is not an eBook. Readers will use the printed book and a mobile app to access relevant digital content—or interact with other readers.

So, in partnership with Ricoh USA, and using their Clickable Paper technology, we will publish the first, hybrid (print+digital) book of it’s kind, which we’ve tentatively dubbed a “multi-book.”

Early Stages

Editing, re-writing, and media production is under way. We’ve also launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise  development capital. Here’s the first campaign video:

There’s a lot more to tell. Keep checking this page for new videos and other development news & information. If we’re right, this will be a publishing first.

Using the form below, let us know your thoughts—and whether you’d like to pre-order the book for your school or organization.

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