Consulting Services
“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”
— Bill Nye

ontent marketing is a tricky business. Even with good writing and a great product or service, connecting with the right prospects is difficult in today’s digital economy. Here are some of the ways I (or my network of trusted gurus) can help you succeed.

Content/Inbound Strategy – I have helped several companies create a sustainable content strategy, and identify the right inbound marketing system to manage their sales funnel, and turn “interested strangers” into sales-qualified leads. Good content is key, but it’s important to have the right management tools.

Quantitative Research – Sometimes, you just need the right data. I’ve worked with top-notch research specialists to find the right lists, ask the right questions, and interpret the results as meaningful, actionable strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The best marketing content in the world is useless if no one reads it. I work with skilled SEO specialists who can make your content findable by those you want to reach.

Video and Alternative Media – As a writer, it pains me to admit that words alone are often insufficient. So, I often work with great videographers, video editors, visual designers, and animators, to make sure the marketing or editorial message has the greatest possible impact.

John helped us create a content marketing strategy for our SMB-focused custom retail packaging plant. His enthusiasm for the “human power” in marketing is infectious. Thanks to John’s help, our team and our customers are developing a bright future together.
Catherine McGavin, RR Donnelley
I consider John to be the best communications and marketing guy I know. His deep competence and insights relating to software technology marketing, communication and business development have always made him a key “go to guy” for the early stage companies with which I’ve been involved. Always on time, always the strategist, and always on target.
Tom Stine, Viddler