Business & Content Marketing Writing
“I don’t know what’s more difficult, life or the English language.”
— Jonathan Ames, Wake Up, Sir!

content marketing writingo compete successfully, you need a message that attracts the right audience, helps them find the information they need, and provides a clear path to making a decision. To create an effective path to revenue, your business needs a message that does all that. In the age of information overload, finding the right words (and images) is difficult. My writing—and my content marketing skills—will provide the words you need.

The Right Content for Each “Container”

Whether you need thoughtful, long-form content, compelling Web copy, or short, “snackable” social posts, I’ll create the right words for your business. My writing and editing expertise includes:
content marketing writing

  • Articles for placement in trade publications and websites
  • Blog Posts designed to make your website a “go-to” destination
  • Case Studies featuring the business value of your product or service
  • Collateral for any point in your sales funnel
  • Email Copy for targeted outbound and drip campaigns
  • Illustrations, including ideas, captions, and content
  • Presentations and business proposals
  • Research Reports using both quantitative & qualitative data
  • Social Media Posts and external content curation
  • Talking Points and scripts for outbound campaigns
  • Video and Multimedia scripts and direction
  • White Papers designed for high-level engagement

I provide more than one level of writing & editing:

Original Content

When you need well-researched, skillfully written, balanced, and compelling content, I’ll deliver the words you need.


Rewriting & Repair

Sometimes you need a major overhaul. I’ll research and rewrite your existing content to better communicate your message.


Editing & “Polishing”

IntuIdeas is your resource for expert fine tuning of your writing. I’ll help make it an effective part of your marketing message.