How to Get Published

You’ve dreamed of writing a book. You have something to say. Maybe you’re a visionary trying to get the word out. Or maybe you’re a brand-conscious consultant or entrepreneur. All are good reasons to be an author. Here’s a fun look at the journey.

How to Get Published

My Candy Land parody illustrates the many twists and turns of book publishing. So, with apologies for using so many mixed allusions, here’s the rundown:

The Mad Hatter – You have to be a bit mad to want to write a book, right? If you feel like you’re in a scene from Lewis Carroll, relax. It’s completely normal. In fact, if I end up helping you out, we’ll have that in common!

The Watchdog – Tock (from one of my favorite books, The Phantom Tollbooth) is the fearless adversary of wasted time. For a writer, it’s easy to lose entire days. I’ve developed techniques and resources to help you cope.

The Social Media Garden – Anyone who wants to publish needs a strong platform, a following of those likely to buy your book. That means some kind of notoriety, and a social media presence. It can be tricky. (And there’s the risk of getting eaten.)

The Ghost – You want to know how to get published, but do you actually have a book? Call me. I help authors develop their ideas and voice, create compelling book proposals, write the actual book, or edit existing work. (Just follow the yellow brick road.)

The Teleporter – OK, I admit this is a cheap gimmick. I needed a way to illustrate how to ask for help from any place on the game board.

Winning the Game (Option 1) – One way to win is when a traditional publisher—large or small—picks up your book. Starting with your platform and a book proposal, I’ll help you take your best shot at the prize.

Winning the Game (Option 2) – Self-publishing is NOT the same as “vanity press” publishing. Bypassing traditional publishers is a valid way to enhance your brand or convey an important message. I can help, starting with a self-publishing plan.

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